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Born in South Africa, son of a British mother and a Portuguese father, the renowned dentist is the founder and clinical director of White Clinic. White Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic based in Lisbon, Portugal, in which all areas of medicine and wellbeing are united under the same roof: dental medicine, plastic surgery, dermatology, nutrition, fitness, clinical psychology. Its main focus is on innovation, having some of the best dental technology and equipment in the world. Miguel is the clinical director and responsible for a large team of dental specialists focused on complex cosmetic oral rehabilitation.


Miguel is a man of passion with his own registered visions, concepts and missions, which he calls his philosophies: “No Half Smiles” (a person’s smile needs to be seen as a whole, therefore the dentist shall always look at the orofacial aspects and plan a new smile regardless of the initial problem), “Slowdentistry®” (the standards of care in dental practices worldwide need to be improved with a view to ensure patient safety, well-being, comfort and understanding) and “InvisibleDentistry®” (techniques and procedures need to allow for transformations that look very natural).


Miguel lives for this, making dentistry a life changing experience and seeing his patients comfortable and happy with their new smiles and with a new attitude towards life. Quality, innovation and ethics are guiding principles for Miguel’s practice.


Miguel’s energy and entrepreneurial dynamism applies to various fields. An expert in complex cosmetic implant surgery and management, he has spoken in over 200 forums in more than 50 countries since 2002. Miguel loves to share his vision and passion for this field with the future generations of dentists. He is the first Portuguese active member and expert provider for Dental XP (online education platform) since 2006. He was the creator and producer of 7 makeover TV shows in Portugal, on major networks since 2005, having also been part of The Doctors CBS in Hollywood, USA in 2013. He is also the author of the book “Health on the Path to Happiness”, and numerous articles.


Miguel faced several hardships in his path to success. In 2011 he even declared bankruptcy. His resilience and determination took him where he is today.


In 2018, he was part of the documentary “The future of smile with Dr. Miguel Stanley”, for National Geographic Partners Portugal, being the first Portuguese doctor to be featured and to narrate a Nat Geo Doc. The documentary tells the story of Hugo from Alentejo and Joyce from Uganda who both suffer from a serious infection which has affected their mouth and teeth. Miguel Stanley narrates the challenges of dental care, the solutions, and how technology plays a crucial role in pushing the boundaries of dentistry further.

‘It’s just good business to be positive. To have good energy. And it’s something that you work out. It literally is a muscle that you work out.’